I’m Sheila Franzen

Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer

Supporting you to live life trusting your own inner strength.

I’m a spiritual coach and energy healer who works with people pursuing their spiritual growth. They’re ready to explore a deeper connection to the divine within. I support them with coaching and healing, so they can live life trusting their own inner strength.

Helping You Expand Your Light

Unlock Your Potential. Say Hello to THE STRONGER YOU.

The time is now.  The energy on the planet is pulling each and every person forward to new energy.  Are you resisting or are you letting go and moving forward? Letting go and change isn’t always easy.  Sometimes we are stuck and need help getting past that next hurdle or shifting into a new pattern.  

Shift Your Beliefs

Imagine a New Reality

Expand Your Energy

Be You


Awakening and Living the Divine Human Template Within

Within each one of us, there is a human divine template that can be awakened. Awakening to this template allows us to more fully experience the joy of being human as we find, discover and live the balance between the masculine, the feminine and the divine.

Business/Career Light Expansion

You’re ready to take your business to the next level or you’re ready to launch your business into creation.  This Business Light Expansion with 3 colleagues of mine will infuse and expand your business.

Ascension Coaching

You’re ready for some 1×1 support on your spiritual path or ascension journey.  We’ll identify what’s holding you back and help you move into the next phase of growth for you to be more fully you.

Life Path Healing

You’re ready to life an aligned life. We all have the choice to create our life path, yet sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the choices that lie ahead or we can’t see that we have choice.  


Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Activation & Balancing

You’re ready to find that inner balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine that lives in each of us. This torus healing will activate dormant links in your DNA, clear old patterns and bring in new energy.

It has been a few weeks since my Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balancing session.  I notice that I feel very calm and centered and very peaceful.  I feel like my energy has softened and is floating in Love.  I don’t hurry as much or worry as much or push myself to keep striving forward as I used to.  I am allowing and trusting that things move forward in their own pace and it feels wonderful.  I am in the Now moment and there is love, peace and joy everywhere.  I still do the work and make the effort but now there is an additional layer of happiness and trust, which makes the work, no longer “work”. I feel like this session has done so much more that I don’t even know how to describe. Thank you so much for this!US


I love the way that the energy worked for me quickly. The most important is to be open to believing! The work Sheila, Tammy, Courtney, and Brad do ( Kudos to St Germaine) is sincere, honest and most of all it’s authentic. I saw a quick change in my thoughts, shed old belief systems and clients supporting me in my career. I experience those changes and I’m glad I took this opportunity that crossed my path.
Thank you BLE team!

After my Business Light Expansion, not only has there been an increase in clients, but my creativity about what I offer has been activated. I am getting new ideas and a-ha moments regularly. Talk about being in the flow! And it is all coming with grace and ease. I feel like I have been put on the fast track.

Something magical happened once this process began. I discovered clarity that I had been longing for with different aspects of my business. The astrology reading helped me see how my business couldn’t expand with too many things in play. Courtney’s clear message from the Masters on how I can expand was beautiful. Things are moving forward quickly and I’m excited!

I LOVED being supported with the energies of the Ascended Masters. It felt like a/an:

– Infusion of new creations and support of letting go of old ways that no longer serve.
– Reprogramming deep inside of my being.
– Opening to support on new levels of partnership.
– It’s going to be okay, along with an invitation to rest in Love as I deepen into trusting the process.

I’m humbled. I’m grateful. I feel changed forever in the best way possible.

Rita Henry

Intuitive Counselor, ritahenry.com

Before the Business Light Expansion, I didn’t fully own my role as a healer. As a result, I was unclear about myself and the services that I offered. I also struggled to feel inspired. There were days when I didn’t feel like working in my business. My business and I were stuck and whatever that I did to get my business moving forward wasn’t working. I had spent a lot of money on my business and sadly those investments were like water down the drain.

When I learned about the Business Light Expansion, a light bulb went on in my head. For me, it was like finally there is an energetic support system that can help me and my business.

I registered for it and I’ve received so much clarity and insights about myself and my business. I was blown away by the energetic support that was provided by St. Germain and the four healers.

Since the Business Light Expansion, my mindset and attitude have changed. I fully embraced my role as a healer and a teacher. I am confident of my healing services. I also feel comfortable sharing more about myself and my journey. I am now inspired to work in my business. Creating content to share on social media is much easier now than before. I finally feel supported after years of feeling alone doing what I do.

I am grateful to St. Germain and Brad, Courtney, Sheila and Tammy for bringing forth this transformation.

I am glad that I did it and I highly recommend the Business Light Expansion.

Hayatti Rahgeni

Emotional Clearing Expert, Inner Peace Accelerator, Energy Healer, powercreatefreedom.com

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I’ve spent 30+ years on a spiritual journey to find the truth of who I am.