Living a More Connected Life

Stepping into living your inner strength through deeper connection 


Are you ready to live a more balanced life?


You struggle to find balance in your life. You find yourself doing and doing, yet you wonder when you’ll have time for BEing. You’re tired of feeling tired. You’re tired of feeling unhappy and unsatisfied.

You’ve tried different ways to find balance, yet nothing seems to work. You just want to walk through life, knowing that it will be OK. You want to discover your own inner strength and allow it to guide and support you.

The Divine Human Template?

Within each one of us, there’s a deeper aspect of the divine feminine that lies dormant waiting to be awakened. Awakening to this divine human template allows us to more fully experience the joy of being human as we find, discover, and live the balance between the masculine, feminine, and divine.

This trio of masculine, feminine, and the divine exists within each of us. The gift of being human is to discover and practice the balance of these energies in physical form. Physical form is an incredibly powerful way to learn and master this balance as we can experience each in their own unique way.

Balance comes from the integration of the feminine, the masculine and the divine. Yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, yet how do you progress in that experience? We progress and change through balance. The balancing of feminine, masculine, and divine is where strength and truth lie. It’s where they begin.


You’re ready for more peace, truth, joy, and ease in your life.

You’re excited to discover a new balance of doing and being in your life. You feel relieved to have tools and knowledge that allow you to live life differently. You enJOY the peace that comes with your newfound balance.

You’re relieved to feel a new inner experience of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. You appreciate your additional understanding of these energies and how you can use each in different ways.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel like there’s no end in sight to the endless DOing
  • You are tired of the of the day to day monotony of the hamster wheel
  • You long for more peace, joy, and fun in life

Hi, I’m Sheila

I’m a spiritual coach and energy healer who works with lightworkers. They have a passion to step forward in service to humanity. I create a space for them to actualize and bring their gifts into the world.

My ascension ray was on the 1st Ray, the ray of the God’s Power. My journey through life for the first 50 years has been that of DOing and a strong energy in the divine masculine. Many would call me a Type A!

My Higher Self, Jyahlien, is on 6th ray, the ray of the Goddess. Her current focus is to help with bringing a new understanding of the divine feminine forward. She has brought forth within me a new understanding of the divine feminine.

Intuitively, I have a unique experience and understanding of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. These energies will come forth in the Sacred Container, Torus healings and awakening sessions.

I can’t wait to see you in the community!

Ready  to  live  from  a  place  of  balance  and  harmony?

As a result of Awakening the Divine Feminine you will…

  • Receive an activation of a spiritual energy within you related to the human divine template and balancing the feminine, masculine, and divine energies within you via a Torus Healing.
  • Discover more peace and joy as you learn to move through life with ease as you experience the balance of feminine, masculine and divine through weekly awakening topics.
  • Be supported within the group that journeys through the program together by embracing and engaging with community.

    Awakening Topics

    1: Acceptance

    We focus on understanding your foundation and where you are beginning. Until we accept where we are, we can’t move forward.

    Channeling from Kuan Yin & Mary Magdalene

    2: Surrender & Trust

    We learn to step into surrender and trust by listening to our inner knowing. This allows us to move forward with grace in the divine feminine.

    Channeling from Mother Mary

    3: Connection 

    We discover connection to each other and the divine beings supporting you including guides, Angels, Devas and the Ascended Masters.

    Channeling from Lady Nada


    4: Balance

    We find balance as we practice maintaining the synchronicities of the feminine, masculine and divine as you move through life. We live a spiral of growth cycling through these phases again and again. We’ll focus on how to do it with grace.

    Channeling from Pallas Athena

    5: Freedom

    We experience the freedom of standing in your power and allowing the human divine template to guide you. We’ll celebrate the work you’ve done and experience this new place of freedom and being guided by your own inner strength.

    Channeling from Isis


    The 5 Week Awakening the Divine Feminine Includes

    Sacred Container

    With my Higher Self, we place the group’s energy in a sacred container where my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters support energetic shifts on your path of awakening the divine human template. You remain supported in this container for the 5 weeks of the program.

    Torus Healing for Activation & Balancing of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

    This torus healing will activate dormant patterns in your DNA, bringing a brilliant gold to the double helix. The energies of the feminine and masculine will be brought into balance within the individual. When these energies are in balance, the human will have access to their own consciousness in a unique/different way.

    Another healer and I will be the healers for this torus. My Higher Self is on the 6th ray of the goddess. Brad’s Higher Self is on the 1st ray of god’s power. The combined energy of the god and goddess in the ascension rays along with a specific alchemical technique brings a powerful and unique energy to the healing.

    Weekly Awakening Topics & Channeled Messages

    Each week on Sunday, you’ll receive written information about the topic, a channeled message from an Ascended Master goddess and an awakening practice. The torus ignites the energy and creates the spark as you go forward. The Awakening is where the energy comes to life as you discover living in a new balance every day.

    Weekly Group Awakening Calls with Energy Healing from Jyahlien (My Higher Self)

    On Thursday or Friday of the same week, we’ll meet for a group coaching call where we will go in depth on the topic and answer questions. We’ll do a group meditation and you’ll receive energy healing from my Higher Self, Jyahlien. 

    Facebook Community Support

    A Facebook group will be available for people to share and support each other in the community as they journey through the awakening topics. Part of embracing the divine feminine is embracing each other. Through community, we’ll grow and laugh and love together.


    You’ll have the option to ask me questions for the duration of the program.

    Dates for 2021

    April 24 – May 29 (5 weeks)

    • Torus Healing on Sunday, April 24
    • Topics Released on Sundays each week
    • Coaching Calls with Meditation & Healing – Thursday or Friday (Depends on the group)

    September 4 – October 8 (5 weeks)

    • Torus Healing on Sunday, September 4
    • Topics Released on Sundays each week
    • Coaching Calls with Meditation & Healing – Thursday or Friday (Depends on the group)



    The program is priced quite differently. The Masters have shown me a new way to offer services and exchange money for payment.

    I’m asking for $99 to attend the program. At the end of the program, you will be given the opportunity to make another payment. The amount of that payment will be up to you based on you what you feel the value was, your current financial situation, etc.

    The intention of this is a divine feminine flow of energy for the exchange of services.  We exchange based on what we have available to us.

    NOTE:  If you desire to do this program, I want you to be able to do it. The Masters want you to do it. Email me and let’s find a solution if the $99 isn’t available to you right now.


    Let’s Get Started

    Step 1. Complete payment.

    Step 2. You’ll receive an email with next steps and access to the online learning environment.

    Step 3. We’ll meet for the first live Awakening call.

    Have Questions?  Get in Touch!