trees with music notesI absolutely love being in nature and especially in the trees.  I try to get outside every day and just walk in the grass or in the neighborhood and take in the fresh air that nature has to offer me.  The healing power of nature has been studied and investigated for quite some time.  The communities that live closest to nature and connected to nature seem to be some of the healthiest.  In nature, we find balance, and balance brings us in balance.  Nature is a perfected system that simply exists.  The cycle of nature is taught to the youngest of kids in school.  We become used to it and take it for granted.  Yet, when was the last time you pondered how a small seed actually grows into a large tree?  Sure, we know that it requires water and nutrients and sun, but have you really thought about where the energy comes from to fuel that growth?  It’s incredible growth and transformation that occurs when that seed sprouts into a growing plant!  It happens over and over every second in the plant kingdom.  New growth, new life, change, transformation, release, let go, return.  What a beautiful thing to observe!

Recently for my birthday, a dear friend sent me a link to some Plant music from Gary Cook.  I listened to it and thought ‘Wow! How did they do that?’  He has captured the music using a device available from Music of the Plants.  He has a series of recordings available for purchase on his site that are sounds from the forest in New Zealand.  I was fascinated and off on a learning journey!

Who Created an Instrument to Record Plant Sound?
The Music of the Plants research began at Damanhur, in Italy, in 1976, when resident researchers created an instrument that was able to capture the electromagnetic variations of the surface of plant leaves and roots, and turn them into sounds.

How Does it Work?

This video by Simone Vitale is an explanation of how the sound is captured and makes music.

Listen for Yourself!

Music of the plants is where you can find the actual instrument that makes the music.  A new version is to be released soon that will be a handheld device.  I might have to invest in one!  I would love to hear what the palm trees and cactus plants native to where I live in the desert sound like.
You can find a whole series of recordings on the Sound Cloud Channel Music of the Plants.  Here is one of my favorites from Bamboo!
I love listening to this music.  I clicked play on the Sound Cloud channel while I sat to write this post.  For me, it’s like being transported to a place of more peace and more clarity.  We all want more of that, right?  Give it a try! You can find more videos shared from people who have purchased the devices on the YouTube Channel, Music of the Plants! They have even captured how plants respond to touch!  How cool is that!
I love listening to this music in the background or even during a meditation. Enjoy!