gemisphere gemstone necklace onyx on gray counterI believe it must have been almost 20 years ago when I was first introduced to Gemisphere’s therapeutic gemstone necklaces. I was helping to coordinate an auction for a non-profit spiritual group that I was part of and an Onyx gemstone necklace was one of the items available for auction. I was drawn to it immediately, bid on it and continued to up my bid so that I could bring it home with me. Onyx is just one of the many therapeutic gemstone necklaces that Gemisphere offers. I was in love. Several of the people in my community worked at Gemisphere at the time and I immediately scheduled a consult to learn more about the gemstones and what would help me. gemisphere gemstone necklace citrine on gray counterIn that first consult, I was drawn to my next purchase which was Citrine. Citrine’s primary purpose is to loosen blockages and let go of what no longer serves you. My experience with Citrine is one of the most memorable I’ve ever had with a gemstone. After I purchased, it, I was warned to NOT wear it for more than an hour to start as it was very powerful. Of course, I thought I knew better and I left it on for almost 4 hours the first time I wore it. I tend to want to get the most out of anything that I’m participating in! After 4 hours, my joints hurt so bad, I had to take it off. The citrine was working on releasing and unwinding the tension and energy that I no longer needed. There were parts that were so wound up in my joints, that the release was painful. Well, it was painful because I tried to do too much at once. I learned my lesson. Try it for an hour and allow the integration to take place before forcing your body to deal with so much change! My next journey was to read Michael Katz’s book, Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians. I think I read the book in a day. I was so pulled into the journey of meeting each of the Gemstone Guardians. I have since read the at least 10 times! Each time I’ve read it, I feel like I am on the journey to meet each Guardian. The knowledge and wisdom shared has become part of me and my life and I simply love reading the book again and again!
gemisphere gemstone necklace ruby dream on gray counterYesterday, I was inspired to go to my gemstone drawer and pull out a necklace. I tend to go through phases in working with the gemstones. I was feeling sad about the passing of my mom and wanted some emotional support. I knew right away that Ruby Dream was calling me. One of the techniques that I learned to help in selecting a gemstone necklace to wear is to stand up and hold the gemstones at your 2nd chakra, just under your belly button with your eyes shut. Feel whether you are pulled forward or pushed backwards. If you are pulled forward, then the necklace is supporting you. If you feel pushed backwards, then the necklace isn’t supporting you and there is probably another one that would be a better fit. This is a technique called muscle testing and it also works with foods or other supplements that you can test to see whether they support your body or not. I wore it all day yesterday and found myself in a more gentle peacefulness and acceptance of my mother’s passing. Ruby Dream’s purpose is to heal the emotions. It was just what I needed. What experiences do you have with gemstones or gemstone necklaces? How have they helped you?