Do you have any old injuries or health challenges that you’ve just come to accept as part of life? Do they feel like they will never change or never heal?  I sure do!  This story is about my left shoulder and it’s 10 year journey.

10 Years Ago…
Our 2 adopted children had been with us for 3 months when my left shoulder froze and I couldn’t lift it and spent sleepless nights in pain. Looking back, one can imagine the energetic issues that rose to the surface for healing with stepping forward as a mom at age 40 to welcome a 3 and 4 ½ year old into our family.

For months after it froze, I did energetic work, physical therapy, massage and more to gain mobility back in the shoulder. It was a slow painful process and while I gained mobility back, the shoulder had never been the same. It wasn’t equal with my right shoulder in strength or mobility. It always felt different and just slightly out of place. Many chiropractors have worked on it to put it back in place, yet it never felt settled.

At some point, I simply accepted that this was how my shoulder would be.  As long as I did the stretches I had learned as part of the Egoscue method, there wasn’t pain and it was as aligned and balanced as it was going to be. 

Or so I thought…

The Healing!

We live near the ocean and try to enjoy the sun and beach and negative ions as much as possible. 🌊 While I love walking along the shore, I rarely get in as I’ve had rather intense skin reactions to the salt water that take months to heal.

Yet, in our plan to go to the beach that weekend, I kept sensing that I was to get in. My mind would respond with ‘really?’…. Then, I would check in with my heart and the answer was always ‘Yes, get in!’.

I got in and grabbed one of the kids boogie boards. I’m still a decently strong swimmer and thought ‘I can do this. It can’t be that hard!’.   🤣  (Did I mention the tide was coming in, so the water was quite rough?)

On the 2nd or 3rd attempt on the boogie board, I lost control of it and the power of the ocean and the board forcefully yanked my left shoulder. I stood up and remember thinking ‘I wonder if I’m going to be able to move my arm tomorrow. This is either going to be the end of this shoulder or a new beginning.’ It really hurt when it happened and I was kind of shocked by the pain.

I continued losing to the ocean and the waves that day and laughed and laughed as my kids watched me try to boogie board.  It was fun and hilarious and I’m sure those watching enjoyed my goofiness. 😉

As the day went on, I noticed that I could move my shoulder in a new way. I knew that it had been put back in place! 

It took the ocean and a boogie board and probably a few strong angels and it’s back in place!

I spent time in meditation thanking my Higher Self and those that guided and helped me. My shoulder has no pain and in fact, the left side of my body is re-aligning to a new shoulder that has movement.  I’ve been guided to a new chiropractor that is helping with that alignment and I’m excited to find balance in a new way in my body, even after 10 years!

Trusting those little nudges each moment are part of living a guided life. Often we don’t know the end journey. We just know the next step.

  • Are you following the little nudges? 
  • Are you listening to the bigger ones?
  • Do you have ideas that show up multiple times?  Those are the big ones! 

With practice, it becomes easier. I still don’t have a desire to get in the ocean all that much and yet I’m overjoyed that I did that day. It was meant to be and my body is healing because of it.

Forever in gratitude to the mystery of this world we live in and the interwoven intricacies of the human form.