The Knee

xray of kneeI have journeyed through healing several physical challenges over the past year, the two primary ones being my right knee and my right shoulder. Some might say that I over analyze the emotional and energetic causes of illness and pain, yet I know that our physical body is just the physical manifestation of what is going on for us energetically. The energetics of our life consists of our emotions, our beliefs and our past.

In March of 2017, well over a year ago, I decided to take care of something I should have probably hired a handyman for. Yet, I love doing things and fixing things, so I tackled replacing a bathroom fan which required being in an attic. Little did I know that it would require more time and attention than I expected and I ended up sitting on my knees for almost an hour. I was proud of myself when I had the thing working as it took getting into a small space and a lot of focus to get it installed. The next day, I was very aware that my knee hurt quite a bit. I just figured it was sore and it would pass. I started to notice that it hurt in and out of the car and getting up and down. I just figured that I needed to stretch it and strengthen it. I did more yoga, did more stretching, did more biking, yet it wasn’t healing. I asked in meditation and was told I needed to step forward. I did a biogeneology session and learned that I was bowing to others and should look at where I do this in my life. I did Ascended Masters healing and continued asking and learning and letting go and forgiving. Yet, the physical pain had not shifted. I had been doing yoga every day, massage and chiropractic regularly…. I had signed up for a 5K and needed to start training, so around August, I got on the treadmill for a few minutes and was in severe pain the next day.


I asked my chiropractor to order an MRI. The MRI came back that the meniscus was torn in 3 places. Ahh.. now I know why the physical pain was there. It had allowed me to work through the emotional pain, the letting go and the forgiveness and now I had to have help healing the physical. The first surgeon said ‘Yeah, you’ll be in pain’, but surgery won’t help. That didn’t feel right or make sense to me, so I pursued the possibility of stem cell therapy for healing. The tears were too big for that, so I found a 2nd surgeon. He said you can leave it, but the cartilage that is loose is just making everything worse by irritating everything in your knee. Yes, that is why the pain was getting worse! His recommendation was to remove part of the meniscus. I agreed and had surgery in December. Everything went well and I started physical therapy within days. I had hoped that my recovery would be quick. It wasn’t. I learned that I had lost a lot of strength from March to December in my entire leg that was trying to support an injured knee. It would take just as many months to get the strength back. I continued to look at where I needed to step forward and heal and let go and forgive while I did physical therapy twice a week. My leg got stronger, yet it was taking daily work to maintain any flexibility in my quadricep. I asked my chiropractor to do some acupuncture on my knee and he did the scar. My physical therapist had done lots of work on the scars with cupping and deep tissue work, yet my entire knee cap just felt locked up. When he put the needle in the scar, I felt like there was a scalpel in my knee. Later that evening, my guides told me that my body has released the body memory of the surgical cut. Wow! It was crazy and really felt like someone was cutting my knee. The most amazing part?? My knee released and the flexibility returned to my quadricep. Yes! Finally, I’m able to move and stretch and strengthen the leg. I’ve finished physical therapy and continue my 3 times a week workout to keep building my strength. I now understand that it will take time to get back the 9 months of strength I lost. Each workout gets me a little closer. Just yesterday, I was able to ride my bike with my daughter and we got up to 20 mph! It felt great to be able to do something physical that required strength! I will never run races again, but I’ve returned to my normal activities with very little pain and a whole lot of understanding.

I’ve learned that…

  • My voice is important and I need to speak up for my truth, especially within my family.
  • I need to step forward in life with my desires and my goals, not just what I think I should do for others.
  • Our physical pain is communicating something to us and when we ignore it, the pain doesn’t necessarily go away.

The Shoulder

How does a shoulder end up injured with a knee you ask? Well, sometime in February my right shoulder started hurting. I quickly realized that I was using my right arm to help me stand because my knee was so weak! Argh, now my knee was affecting my right shoulder. I scheduled some healing support and let go of some dark energy in my shoulder and found some movement again. I started physical exercise and stretching and had an x-ray. While it’s now 3 months later, I’ve worked through many layers of the physical that needed to be healed. I did my own stretching and cupping and myofascial work on it. My chiropractor shifted it back into place in the joint. My massage therapist worked on it 3 weeks straight and I could finally get my arm above my head again. Last week, my chiropractor did some acupuncture dry needling and found a place in the shoulder that released a huge burst of energy. Each step has allowed something new in my awareness and my understanding of moving forward.

Healing Takes Persistence

Yes, healing does take persistence. When we have manifested something in our physical body, rest assured, it has likely been building and manifesting for quite some time in our energetic bodies. Louise Haye’s books and works talk significantly about this. Donna Eden’s books on Energy Medicine help us understand the energetic systems of the body and how they affect the physical. Biogeneology is a relatively new field that focuses on finding an emotional trigger for every illness. We are energetic beings with a physical experience. To heal, we need to be persistent. It’s been a year from the original injury. I’ve done a lot of emotional and physical healing in the past year. I’ve even relaunched my business, wrote a book and started a new blog that you are reading! I am feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time and excited and ready for what is next!

Have you healed something that required persistence? If so, what kept you going? What worked for you?