how to give a heart connected hugAre you aware of how you hug someone? I didn’t use to be, yet now I am very intentional with how I hug someone. Why? Well, I attended a seminar where Donna Eden used muscle testing to show how someone was strong with a heart-connected hug and how they became weak when the hug was not heart to heart. It stuck with me and I have intentionally given heart to heart hugs ever since.

Giving a hug heart to heart creates connection. Our hearts are an incredibly powerful energy source. The Heart Math Institute has been studying this for years.  Here are several articles about the energy and power of the heart:


Is it awkward?

It is at first, but then you find that people seem to relax and allow the connection. People often look at me funny and I know I’m disrupting their normal pattern. I hug them and I often feel them relax a bit. You’ll notice that people don’t usually relax when they hug you. They often hold their distance and barely touch you. I find that people will sometimes squeeze tighter for a second. Most of the time, I don’t think they realize that they are even doing that. The hug always lasts longer for me when you hug heart to heart than when you don’t. If it’s someone I’ve never hugged before and they noticed that it was different when they started, then I’ll tell them that I hug on the opposite side because it’s heart to heart. They almost always smile and say ‘I never thought of that’ or ‘I never knew that’. It will often spawn more conversation and creates a moment where I know they are now thinking about it. I know that when they hug going forward, it’s going to be in their minds. They might go home and hug their families different. Sometimes I even show them the Donna Eden muscle testing trick and they are always completely shocked when their body is stronger after a heart connected hug.

For some people, I notice that it’s extremely uncomfortable. For me, it feels that they are afraid of vulnerability and of connecting. I don’t allow that to stop me! I want to hold the space for people to feel, to change and to try new things. Giving a heart hug is just one little way that I do that every time I can!

Why Do We Hug Right to Right?

I’ve pondered this one quite a bit. If hugging heart to heart makes us stronger and allows us to feel more love, why does EVERYONE hug right to right? The only thing I’ve been able to come up with is that we shake right hands. As I write this, I’m seeing in my mind that people starting shaking hands as a way to avoid hugging and physical contact. (Thank you to my Guides that are showing me this.). Given most people are right-handed, the handshake started with the right hands. It seems that we started allowing right handshakes and then when we wanted to hug, we just did it right to right.

Try It!

Give someone a hug the way you always do, it will more than likely be right shoulder to right shoulder. Now, step back and then give them a hug left shoulder to left shoulder. Notice if it feels different. Do they relax? Do you relax? Are you able to allow that vulnerability for connection? If not, why not? Are you willing to look at that?

Human touch is important. Allow a hug to strengthen you, not weaken you. Allow it to fill your energy, not drain your energy. Be vulnerable, get strong. 🙂

Heart Hugs to everyone!