Life Path Healing

Divine Healing to Support Your Life Path

Are you ready to live an aligned life?

You might feel like life lacks the meaning you think it should have. You get up each day and wonder what this all means. You wish that life felt easier. You want to feel confident in what you do each day. You want to feel like life has a direction, that it has meaning and purpose.

You’re tired of the same routine every day and feeling like nothing changes. You want to feel excited about life again. You just want to be happy.

Life on earth can feel hard. Aligning choice brings freedom.

You’re relieved to find peace with your life. You look forward to getting up each day and seeing what the day brings. Life has meaning again. New choices are available that you hadn’t seen before.

Things just feel different, the cloudiness around what is next is lessened.  You feel good about your choices. You feel hope and hope feels good. 

You’ll receive the energy clearing needed to align your life path from the Ascended Masters and I’ll be there to support you.

Hi, I’m Sheila

I’m a spiritual coach and energy healer who works with people pursuing their spiritual growth. They’re ready to explore a deeper connection to the divine within. I support them with coaching and healing, so they can live life trusting their own inner strength.

Truth be told, I spent a good portion of my life feeling that I had no purpose, no life path. I did life purpose classe, life purpose exercise, read books and tried many things.

I’ve been down the road of feeling like nothing matters and there is no purpose. I understand the painful walk through life it can be.

And I’ve found my way through the pain and consistently live a happy joyful life each day. It is possible!


As a result of the Life Path Healing you will…

  • Be supported by my Higher Self & the Ascended Masters
  • You’ll gain clarity on your choices
  • You’ll know how to find joy when you need it

Life Path Healing Includes

Sacred Container

With my Higher Self, we place your energy bodies in a sacred container where my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters will work to clear the confusion and activate dormant energetic codes that will allow you to move forward more clearly.

Life Path Questionnaire

You’ll complete a questionnaire that will help you identify the areas of your life that feel out of alignment. The information on the questionnaire will assist the Masters in clearing for you

Life Path Seal

You’ll perceive a personalized life path seal that is a mechanism to anchor in the energy and alignment from the Masters. This seal will be something you can continue to use as you bring more balance into your life.

1:1 Alignment Session

We’ll meet for a 45 minute session to focus on your alignment. This session will happen at the end of the three weeks of being held in the Sacred Container.


Investment: $149


Let’s Get Started

Step 1. Complete payment.

Step 2. You’ll receive an email to complete the questionnaire.

Step 3. We’ll meet for the Alignment session.

Have Questions?  Get in Touch!