girl laying with red headphones and white shirtI often enjoy sitting in meditation with any number of his free recordings that are available on his website. I’ve also purchased quite a few of them as well and enjoy deeper and longer meditations through the sounds in the music.

My favorite recording for an afternoon pick-me-up is Restoration. I often lay down with headphones on and simply listen. Sometimes I fall asleep, but often I am awake and find myself lost in the music. Sometimes I even put the nine minute recording on repeat and listen to it over and over. I always feel better when I get up.

Just yesterday, I was on a plane ride home after a long emotional weekend at a funeral. I was starting to feel sick and just overall exhausted. As we took off, I put on restoration and listened to it several times. While it didn’t solve all of my problems, I did feel quite a bit better after several rounds of music. The soothing sounds always leave me feeling refreshed and somehow better than when I started.

Tom Kenyon is a sound healer and creates his beautiful recordings in layers. They are all his own voice and the transmissions come from his connection to many of the Ascended Masters, the Hathors and more. They are other worldly and always leave me wanting more! You can find all that he has available at