1 On 1 Spiritual Coaching with Sheila Franzen

Healing with my Higher Self, Jyahlien

Awakening the Human Divine Template Within

Stepping into your own power through the balance of the feminine, masculine and divine

Within each one of us, there is a human divine template that can be awakened. Awakening to this template allows us to more fully experience the joy of being human as we find, discover and live the balance between the masculine, the feminine and the divine.

Business/Career Light Expansion

Energy Alchemy for Your Conscious Business or Career to Grow. This healing is supporting conscious businesses/career by upgrading the energy structure for your business/career. You’ve done your personal work to adapt to the changing energy on the planet and this adapts your business/career to the new energy.

Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balancing

You’re ready to find that inner balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine that lives in each of us. This torus healing will activate dormant links in your DNA, clear old patterns and bring in new energy.

Spiritual Coaching

You’re ready for some 1×1 support on your spiritual path or ascension journey.  We’ll identify what’s holding you back and help you move into the next phase of growth for you to be more fully you.